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Return to Play after Covid-19

Stage 1: Day 1 and Day 2 - (2 Days Minimum) - 15 minutes or less: Light activity (walking, jogging, stationary bike), intensity no greater than 70% of maximum heart rate. NO resistance training. 

Stage 2: Day 3 - (1 Day Minimum) - 30 minutes or less: Add simple movement activities (eg. running drills) - intensity no greater than 80% of maximum heart rate. 

Stage 3: Day 4 - (1 Day Minimum) - 45 minutes or less- Progress to more complex training - intensity no greater than 80% maximum heart rate. May add light resistance training. 

Stage 4: Day 5 and Day 6 - (2 Days Minimum) - 60 minutes -Normal training activity - intensity no greater than 80% maximum heart rate. 

Stage 5: Day 7 - Return to full activity/participation (i.e., - Contests/competitions). 

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete 2021-2021

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete 2021-2021

CIAC 2021 - 2022 Sport Start Dates, Game Limitations and Practice Dates

CIAC 2021 - 2022 Sport Start Dates, Game Limitations and Practice Dates


Brookfield High School Athletics Raffle

Raffle to help Athletes going to Florida for training

Boys Swim, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse, Baseball

Softball, Girls Tennis and Boys Tennis



Raffle Prizes will be drawn on December 18 at Anthony's Lake Club Catering.  There will also be a live auction that night.  More information to follow.

Current Live Auction Prizes

  1. Dinner Cooked by Coach Rieff, Coach Angerano and Steve Baldwin 
  2. Student Parking Spot at BHS for the 2022-2023 School Year
  3. Principal for a Day at Candlewood Lake Elementary School
  4. Meet The Mets 4 tickets on May 18, 2022(Tickets include Honda Clubhouse where you will meet current and former Mets , special celebrities.  Tickets also include ballpark food and beverages.  
  5. MVP Tickets Yankee Stadium-Anonymous Donation 



  1. Chick Fil Free for a year(Donated by Devon Scanlon)

  2. New Lacrosse Helmet Cascade XRS Donated by Mike Hurley BSN

  3. Jersey Mike's $100 Gift Certificate9Donated by Jerseys Mikes) 

  4. Spirit Basket(Iovinos) Donated by Sam Heelan 

  5. Jets Basket Donated by Brian Reiff(Details to Follow) 

  6. Girls Lacrosse Basket- Spa Basket

  7. Boys Lacrosse Basket- Dinner Out basket

  8. Baseball Basket- Family Game night Basket

  9. Softball Basket-Winter Wonderland Basket

  10. Kitchen Aid Mixer- Donated by Fred and Kerri Todd

  11. Traveling Chic Basket(Donated by Traveling Chic)

  12. Family Game Night-  Donated by Country Kids 

  13. LB Barber Shop-  Hair Cut Gift Basket(Donated by LB's)

  14. Johns Best- Pizza Night- 2 pizza, 2 liter bottle of Soda and 2 orders of garlic Knots(Donated by Johns Best)

  15. Frankies- $25 gift Card and a bottle of relish9Donated by Frankies) 

  16. Bridgewater Chocolate- Christmas Chocolate Basket(Donated by Bridgewater Chocolate)

  17. 1 hour Math Tutoring Session with BHS Math Teacher Jason Distasio(Donated by Jason Distasio) 

  18. Premium Club Seating for a Celtic Game 4 seats(Anonymous Donor)  

  19. Pizza Lunch with Mr Buckley for a student and 2 friends(Must be a BHS or WHS Student9Donated by Chris Buckley)

  20. Danbury Auto Group Basket  5 Free Oil Changes and 5 Car Details (Danbury Auto Group)

  21. 1 hour Tennis Lesson with Girls Tennis Coach Kristen Sabatini(Donated by Kristen Sabitini) 

  22. Hart Hittling LLC 1 hour lesson that can be used for hitting/fielding/throwing/pitching/catching/etc(Donated by Matt Hart)

  23. McGrade Family Mystery Basket(Donated by the McGrade family)

  24. Jk Stacks(Donated by Joe Attonito) 

  25. Kristen Luis-7 Strong moving-1 hour house organizing9Donated by Kristen Luis)

  26. Iron factory Gym-Donate a membership(Donated by the Iron Factory)

  27. Ricky McCarty-Snow removal contract(Donated by Ricky McCarty)

  28. Jeffrey Kimball- 1 hour Football Lesson(Donated by Jeffrey Kimball)

  29.   $100 Gift Cert donated by  Pulcinella's

  30. Free Spray Tan donated by A Place Salon

  31. Forma Athletics- Training Session-Donated by Mikki Durkin

  32. 3 hour Tennis Lesson donated by Boys Tennis Coach Rick Garofalo

  33. 3 hour Soccer Lesson Donated by Jeff Garofalo

  34. $50 Gift Certificate to Bagelman 

  35. Basket of Specialty oils, vinegars, honeys, dipping sauces etc Donated by Marlene Calgi and Ariston Specialties LLC

  36. Twins BBQ $50 gift Certificate Donated by Mike Gallop

  37. 8 Teen Training sessions donated by Mikki Alejandro Durkin and Forma Athletics

  38. Free Month of Dance Classes at the Academy of Dance Arts Donated by BHS Coach Samantha Flook

  39. A four Pack of Pilates at fit for You Donated by BHS Dance Coach Alysa O'Donovan

  40. $50 Gift Card to  Rich Farm Ice Cream Donated by Rich Farm

  41. $50 Gift Card to Rich Farm Ice Cream Donated by Rich Farm

  42. $50 Girt Card to Costco donated by Costco

  43. $50 Gift certificate Shakespeare Garden 

  44. Boys Tennis Basket - Celebrate Your BHS Senior basket (includes donations by Curvy's Cupcakes and dbPress Photography)


Coaches Emails




Stephen Baldwin

Athletic Director

Mary Negri

Athletic Secretary

Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer

Tiffany Johnson

V. Cheerleading

Samantha Flook


Bryan Muller

V. Football

David Lavery

Boys V. Soccer

Barry O’Reilly

V. Girls Soccer

Ed Butt

B XC & In/Out Track

Alene Lofink

G X.C 

Elijah Huling

In/Out Track






V. Field Hockey

Brian Reiff

V. Swim Boys

Jason Paige

V. Swim Girls

Will Hendricks

B & G V. Volleyball

John Fleming

V. Boys Basketball

Lisa Schang

V. Girls Basketball

Rusty Granacker

V. Ice Hockey

Michael McKeever

V. Wrestling

Christopher Beaver

V. Boys Lacrosse

Joe Robusto

V. Girls Lacrosse

Rich Garofalo

Boys Tennis

Kristin Sabatini

Girls Tennis

Matt Hart

V. Baseball

Cary Nadel

V. Softball

Rich Brenia

Boys Golf

Mark Jewett

Girls Golf

Nick Castellano

Unified Sports


Brookfield's Athlete's of The Week!! Week of May 25-June 8 2020

2020 Senior Athletic Awards and Video

Athletic Advisory Mental Health Awareness

PE Student of the week May 25. 2020

WTNH Highlights our Advisory

Student of The Week May 17

2020 CIAC Scholar Athlete Awards Jamie Hiatrides and Irfan Ajmeri

Unified Sports Covid 19 PSA with Whisconier Middle School Student Gianna DeMasi

COVID 19 PSA written by Brookfield High School Athletic Advisory and aired on all TV Networks

What is Athletic Advisory/Class Act Council and what we do!!

Athletic Advisory Highlighted by CIAC October 2018

WTNH Channel * Highlights BHS Athletic Advisory

Jamie Hiatrides My Reason Why National Commercial for NFHS

CIAC Micheal's Cup Award Brookfield High School 2019

2019 Class Act Presentation at BHS Parent/Athlete Night

2019 Class Act Micheal's Cup Highlights Brookfield High School

BHS Network Site

Watch Live Games



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Steve  Baldwin

Steve Baldwin

Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health

Phone: 203-740-6139

Mary  Negri

Mary Negri

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health

Phone: 203-740-6078

Denise Landry

Denise Landry

Athletic Trainer

Phone: 203 775 7725 Ext 7792

Brookfield Public Schools Athletics

The Brookfield High School community believes that the Interscholastic Athletic Program contributes significantly to preparing our students for becoming productive, contributing citizens to our society. Interscholastic Athletics provides an exceptional opportunity for personal growth as it will foster appropriate physical, social and emotional development, character, integrity and leadership as well as confidence, self esteem and a positive self image. Student-athletes learn to accept responsibility for both success and failure while recognizing their individual strengths and limitations.    Athletes also learn about valuable qualities such as, dedication, responsibility, accountability, respect, commitment, hard work, self discipline, personal sacrifice and fair play.  Brookfield High School is a Class Act School and follows the CIAC Class Act School Guidelines.

Student-athletes will learn the importance of unity, loyalty, camaraderie, teamwork, spirit and sportsmanship.We believe that participation in a wide variety of activities is a vital part of the student-athletes’ educational experiences. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, the program, the student body, the community and to the students’ themselves.

These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable the student to make maximum use of his or her education. Though wins and losses are often indicators of the level of success, the real triumphs are often those that teach skills needed for effective decision-making and commitment throughout life.


Brookfield High School Website

BHS Athletic Fields

Cadigan Park

Thank you all who came out in support of Maddie!! What a great night!!

Thank you all who came out in support of Maddie!! What a great night!!

2016 Class M Boys Soccer Champions

2016 Girls Class M Swim and Dive State Champions

National Recognized Unified Sports Program

2016 Class M Boys Basketball Champions

2015 Class M Football Champions

Congratulations to Jenna Joshi who scored her 1000 career point on January 8th against Joel Barlow. She also set school records with 39 points in a game and a record 10 3 pointers in a game.

Jamie Hiatrides My Reason Why National Commercial for NFHS

CIAC Micheal's Cup Award Brookfield High School 2019

2019 Class Act Presentation at BHS Parent/Athlete Night