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Brookfield High School is a Learning Community Committed to fostering Intellect, Respect and Integrity

Mandatory Parent Meeting 

Thursday August 29th at 6pm in the Auditorium

6-6:30 Athletic Policies, and Welcome

6:30-7:15 Facts about College Recruiting

7:15 Meet with Fall Coaches

The True Facts about College Athletic Recruiting

College Athletic Recruiting: Everyone wants to give advice and everyone believes they know all the answers!

Finally, a program that does just that! It gives the answers in a straightforward, no nonsense, entertaining 50-minute presentation.

We have made an investment as a community to provide our student-athletes and parents with information about playing college athletics. This event is designed for every high school parent and their student-athlete. If your son or daughter truly has aspirations to play at the college level, this is a "can't miss" event.

"The Realities of College Athletic Recruiting"
Presented by Jack Renkens
Brookfield High School - Auditorium​
Thursday​​, August 29, 2019​​ at 6:30 p.m.​

Former college coach and recruiting expert, Jack Renkens has helped thousands of families around the country head down the right path of finding scholarships. Often it's down a path they didn't know existed.

The Push Button is on for those who want to use the track at night. It will go off at 10:30pm

The Athletic Department will be closed the month of July.  

  1. The Parent portal is now open to update all forms for fall Athletic teams.  All Athletes must have an up to date physical on file with the nurse and those can be be handed in at Whisconier Middle School Nurse's office during the summer
  2. If you have any questions regarding  a particular team please email the varsity coach.  
  3. All other questions you can email Steve Baldwin the athletic Director or Mary Negri and you will be answered in August when they get back to school. 

Fall Head Coaches 

Football Bryan Muller
Boys Soccer David Lavery
Girls Soccer Rick Garofalo
B and G Cross Country Ed Butt
Field Hockey Danielle Dolan
Volleyball(Acting) Jason Eddy
Girl Swimming  Jason Paige


Alisha Barry 

Tiffany Johnson


Samantha Flook

Kasey Mccullough

Unified  Nick Castellano


Start Dates

Football- Lifting all summer and  first day of practice August 19

Boys and Girls Cross Country August 22

Volleyball, Soccer and Field Hockey-  August 29

Dance and Cheer - All Year

Unified Soccer TBA

WTNH Channel 8 Highligting our Athletic Advisory

Great job by our advisory highlighted by WTNH Channel 8

BHS Network Site

Watch Live Games



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Steve  Baldwin

Steve Baldwin

Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health

Phone: 203-740-6139

Mary  Negri

Mary Negri

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health

Phone: 203-740-6078

Denise Landry

Denise Landry

Athletic Trainer

Phone: 203 775 7725 Ext 7792

Brookfield Public Schools Athletics

The Brookfield High School community believes that the Interscholastic Athletic Program contributes significantly to preparing our students for becoming productive, contributing citizens to our society. Interscholastic Athletics provides an exceptional opportunity for personal growth as it will foster appropriate physical, social and emotional development, character, integrity and leadership as well as confidence, self esteem and a positive self image. Student-athletes learn to accept responsibility for both success and failure while recognizing their individual strengths and limitations.    Athletes also learn about valuable qualities such as, dedication, responsibility, accountability, respect, commitment, hard work, self discipline, personal sacrifice and fair play.  Brookfield High School is a Class Act School and follows the CIAC Class Act School Guidelines.

Student-athletes will learn the importance of unity, loyalty, camaraderie, teamwork, spirit and sportsmanship.We believe that participation in a wide variety of activities is a vital part of the student-athletes’ educational experiences. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, the program, the student body, the community and to the students’ themselves.

These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable the student to make maximum use of his or her education. Though wins and losses are often indicators of the level of success, the real triumphs are often those that teach skills needed for effective decision-making and commitment throughout life.


Brookfield High School Website

BHS Athletic Fields

Cadigan Park

Thank you all who came out in support of Maddie!! What a great night!!

Thank you all who came out in support of Maddie!! What a great night!!

2016 Class M Boys Soccer Champions

2016 Girls Class M Swim and Dive State Champions

National Recognized Unified Sports Program

2016 Class M Boys Basketball Champions

2015 Class M Football Champions

Congratulations to Jenna Joshi who scored her 1000 career point on January 8th against Joel Barlow. She also set school records with 39 points in a game and a record 10 3 pointers in a game.